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Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Major in History minor in Anthropology. Graduated May 2017 Currently enrolled in graduate school, studying Peace & Conflict Studies

Conventional Skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and other word processing software.

  • Conversationally fluent in English and Spanish, reliably able to translate Spanish into English and capable of communicating cross-culturally effectively through an understanding of languages.

  • Experienced as a facilitator and speaker.

  • Able to work smoothly under deadlines.

  • Experienced educator capable of teaching basic Spanish and intermediate English as well as writing skills and world history.

Creative Skills

  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)

  • Educational writing

  • Persuasive writing

  • Research & analysis of statistical data

  • Facilitation skills & experience

  • Awareness of ongoing trends online and on TV

  • Experience in front of cameras and on-air both live programming and pre-recorded programming

Creative & Writing Experience

February 2016-Present

HAFree, Remote/Virginia - Member of Board Of Directors

  • Work to increase the number of Hispanics in the United States who think critically about religion.

  • Raise awareness of the population of Hispanics in the United States who are critical towards religion and who often feel alone/ignored by the greater freethinking community.

  • Work to act as a connector and supporter of Hispanic freethinkers looking to connect with other freethinkers including non-Hispanic ones.

April 2015 - Present

Patheos (Sin God), Remote - Blogger At Sin God

July 2018-Present

The Carolinian, Staff Reporter

August 2018-Present

American Atheists, Communications Intern

  • Send out daily emails providing state directors and staff members with news coverage related to atheism as well as potential articles and links to share on social media

  • Revamp American Atheists approach to social media and work on circulating internal traffic back to our site and our social media profiles.

  • Work on a variety of posts and press releases as well as edit newly finished documents and emails

  • Handle graphic design and the creation of shareable images.

Creative Writing & Video Portfolio:

Appeared on TV in Virginia to discuss the real-life importance of skepticism and why skepticism is valuable even outside of religion & religious conversations. Click to view.

Talked about what gave my life meaning in a video collaboration with a fellow atheistic YouTuber & other community members. 9:01-9:54.

I am creating videos meant to educate viewers about gods, monsters, spirits, & more mythological and supernatural beings once thought (and in some cases still thought) to roam Latin America. Click to view.

An article on Latinx folklore & family-friendly myths to turn into bedtime stories that was written in 2017.

An article on activists & leaders who are Latinx & non-Christian. Also the 2nd most viewed article on DLG Media.

Letters to the editor on events in Honduras & the importance of Hispanic voices in the newsroom (click to view) and on the importance of the government accepting responsibility to help documented immigrants integrate successfully instead of allowing faith-based communities to take the lead on this (click to view).

Wrote articles about a community based social media platform for politicians & those interested in running for office (CrowdPAC) and about a digital library meant to help first-time candidates get their campaigns off the ground and fully operational (Next Dems).

Wrote out a response to a viral clip of former San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor making an inflammatory & nonsensical connection with poverty in San Antonio & non-believers in San Antonio.

Wrote an article for Latino Rebels about Kevin Solorzano, a Honduran teen whose trial for murder became major news in Honduras due to procedural irregularities and a social media campaign boosting it’s notriority.


Contributed a chapter about Hispanic atheism & skepticism in South & Central America to Not Seeing God: Atheism in the 21st Century