Introducing The News Pages

This a news page that’ll feature periodic posts revolving around peace activism and conflict work. You’ll also find news announcements on this blog. Compared to my other blogs and news sites this’ll be really simple but it’s purpose isn’t to keep readers here, rather it’s to let them know more about the services I offer as a peacebuilding professional and conflict worker.

One unique thing that people will find here is something that I’ve never posted anywhere else: breakdowns of conflict theories, and peace techniques and ideas that are tools in the toolkit every conflict worker or peace professional has to respond to conflicts as they occur in real-life and real-time. These will occur once a week, mostly on Saturdays but some will occur earlier or later in the week.

If people want access to a peace, conflict, justice, and human rights newsletter they should check out my Patreon! Anyone who pledges any amount to my work monthly gets access to the newsletter and a free sample will be coming out on November 1st. Patreons will be credited & thanked in a part of the newsletter near the beginning, including in the free sample. This is an opportunity for folks to advertise their groups or organizations to the people who read the newsletter.

I hope readers are as excited about these developments as I am!