Planned Updates And Additions To The Site

Hi everyone! I’ve been gradually working on updating the site and I wanted to share the updates I have planned.

I have three big updates planned for this site for right now. The first of which are a series of brief but regular blog posts. These blog posts will talk about conflicts, share sites and resources for people who want to know about them. They’ll also share humanistic responses to ongoing real world conflicts. This will be something I do a lot.

The next big update will most likely take the form of a digital calendar so folks can keep up with where I’m going to be each day. The main purpose of this would be to help folks know where to go to see me talk or work live.

The final big update that I have planned right now is to begin creating and uploading my podcast to this site. It’s named Luchando Con Luciano and is a conflict podcast and also the name of my newsletter. The content on the podcast and the newsletter are going to be similar but not the same and the newsletter is going to be bigger and longer than the podcast will be since the podcast will be weekly or biweekly and the newsletter will be monthly aside from special issues that are centered around unique and topical conflicts.