As a peace building professional Luciano has a variety of project templates he can offer to those interested in his work & in working with him. Here are a handful of those templates.


Circles are a peacemaking tactic originally used by Native American groups that have been adapted for a variety of usages in restorative justice groups and in a range of other contexts as well. Circles are regular gatherings that are held for a variety of purposes. In educational contexts teachers use circles to create safe spaces where healing and the sharing of emotions take place. Luciano has created circle templates that encourages people not only share pain but also share joy and foster closeness in groups that are not in conflict but are separated for a variety of reasons. His templates for this include using it in educational contexts as well as corporate and familial ones with specific tactics and tools that differ and provide unique considerations for each of those situations. This template can also come with facilitation training meant to give the organizers an understanding of how to facilitate conversations without controlling or imposing one’s own viewpoint into others.

Diverse Voices, Common Stories

Diverse Voices, Common Stories is a template for a simple series of recorded and shared conversations that aim to highlight differing points of view while also reminding listeners of commonalities that people and groups who may disagree on something have in relation to other things and also has a secondary focus on shared needs and wants. The purpose of this is to bring to life different points of view while juxtaposing these often minor differences in opinion and perspectives with things that people have in common so as to humanize the quite often dehumanized or seemingly monstrous figures that people view as behind conflicts. If people have access to more advanced equipment there’s a separate version of this template that includes helping folks publicize their conversations more intensely and intently but the main version can be used for folks who have a cellphone to record their conversations on, as well as for folks who have a microphone and a computer.

Nonviolent communication & FACILITATION training

In addition to offering templates for implementable programs in a variety of contexts Luciano also offers beginner training for a variety of organizations, communities, and individuals meant to enhance their abilities to be effective nonviolent communicators and facilitators. This is training that can be customized to suit the recipients of the training and is effective at aiding communicators understand the sort of reactions they have in conflict situations and scenarios which will help them gain the introspection needed to greatly improve their abilities to stay calm and in control in conflicts that emerge in front of them in real life. It takes participants through the basics of nonviolent communication, facilitation, and other handy ideas related to conflict management and transformation.